Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Director Nevaeh

While other students were still working on their animal costumes, Nevaeh from Mrs. Diaz's 1st & 2nd grade class, directed her classmates in a play she created.  Nevaeh is quite the leader.  Sometimes I think she can teach the class all by herself.

Roosters, Bees and Snails, Oh My!

Earlier this year kindergarten students made animal costumes.  After days of coloring, cutting and assembling their costumes, they finally got  to put them on, go outside and get into character.  

Little Red and Mr. Wolf

Michael and Alexis from Mrs. Amavisca's 4th grade class as Little Red and Mr. Wolf.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jadan Converts an Art Cart

Jadan converted an art cart into a microphone receiver cart and Gabriel set up the microphone receivers.  Listen to Jadan giggle as he drills those holes.  His mom said he is so excited about Tech Theatre that he uses a tape measure at home all the time now.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Musical Theatre Workshop students read through their scenes in preparation for their first in-class performances.

Boss of the World

Mrs. Amavisca's 4th graders rehearse their play about a bossy little girl named Janice.  Janice thinks she knows everything and bosses everyone around.

Little Late Riding Hood

Mrs. Gore's 6th graders rehearse Little Late Riding Hood.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Power Drilling

We have a new batch of students in Tech Theatre this semester.  Today was our first day using power tools and guess what?!?  We've all still got eight fingers and ten toes....can't forget the two thumbs!