Tuesday, January 17, 2012

8th Graders Tour Art Schools

Last week a select group of 8th grade students toured two art schools here in Phoenix.  Most of these students had no idea that an arts high school was even an option.  These schools require the same academic work from students as any other high school would, but have fine and performing arts classes built into the day as well.  They are great for students who want to work in the arts professionally and for students who want to go into other professions but want to continue exploring the arts through high school.  Upon graduation students are ready to move on to any university.

After the tour students reflected on the what they saw and experienced during the tour.  One student said, "The trip inspired me to continue my education in an arts high school because I saw many people who looked like they enjoyed going to school."  Isn't that the best way to continue your education, learn and have fun doing it?  Students enjoyed the trip saying, "It gives me a place to continue my art career."  Another students who excels in several areas of the arts said it showed her that she can, "go on to an arts high school and still be a doctor."

Seeing students' enthusiasm for the arts was touching.  As we toured one school a student said, "This school is calling my name."  Before returning to Herrera several students had already asked me to print applications for them.  One even started filling out the application while waiting for her mother to pick her up from school.  I hope to see a number of Herrera students move on to arts high schools on their way to college.